New-fangled plastic surgery

Increase in calf muscle

Another service for those who want to give their body a more athletic form. With the help of silicone tabs, plastic surgeons make the legs more symmetrical, as well increase the size of calf muscle as if you are not leaving the gym.

Breast for a day

This procedure allows you to get a breast for 2 sizes larger than you already have for a day. And after a day, when the effect of a special physiological saline will be over, your breast will return to the same size as it was before.

Eye color correction

If you want to change your eye color for a long-term period, then contact lenses are hardly a good solution. However, having applied to specialists, he can "repaint" your eyes in any color that you want. This will be done with a silicone prosthesis, which is implanted in the iris of your eye.

Plastic of voices

In order to reduce the timbre of the voice, the surgeon needs to excise part of the cartilage in the larynx or make an injection of Botox into the vocal cords. And in order, on the contrary, to increase the voice, a special implant need to be put between the muscles of the larynx or to short the vocal folds by the laser.

And what unusual plastic surgeries have you heard about? Have you ever had a desire to try something unusual on yourself?