New-fangled plastic surgery

Today, it is hardly possible to surprise anyone with a correction of appearance: changing the nose, face lift, breast augmentation, removal of fat in certain areas of the body, etc. In a word, a plastic surgeon is ready to provide a range of different services, only to make the client finally be satisfied with his appearance. And it turns out, as in any other sphere, plastic surgery also has its own fashion and trends. We found out the latest trends in body correction and hasten to share with you what has become fashionable to change.

Hair transplantation

People transplant hair anywhere: for example, if you want to create a more masculine image, you can add vegetation on your chest and lower abdomen, and if you can’t grow a chic beard in a natural way, then this is also not a problem.

Muscles implantation

In order for your body to look as from the magazine cover, you can use the muscle transplantation service. Of course, it does not add strength and stamina, but an impressive appearance is guaranteed.

Redistribution of body fat

Development does not stand still, and today plastic surgeons can already redistribute a person's own fat over his body. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of transfer fat from the abdomen to the buttocks, now you have a real chance to do it.

Formation of dimples on the cheeks

Yes, yes, another newfangled procedure is the creation of dimples. However, in this case, you need to think very carefully beforehand, because later the removing of the formed dimples is impossible.

Modification of the lines of destiny

Perhaps one of the most strange types of correction. In any case, if you do not like your lines of destiny, surgeons will help you “draw” others. But truly saying, it is really interesting how such an intervention will affect your further fate?

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