New Year's table 2019: what dishes to cook?

So what are the dishes to cook?

The pig is a rather omnivorous animal, but despite this, on the New Year's table you should mainly serve dishes from vegetables and various cereals. The fish and eggs are also allowed. Meat may be any, with the exception of pork, of course. This is beef, lamb, and chicken, and duck or rabbit meat – any will be an excellent choice. And since the pig is not a particularly capricious animal, you can prepare ordinary, uncomplicated dishes. You can safely refuse any exotic salads in favor of the classic “Olivier” and “Herring under the fur coat”. But if you really want to surprise the guests, prepare some interesting snacks with baked vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes.

As for sweet, it is recommended to give preference to pies or rolls with berries, or pancakes as well. Another excellent solution will be to add to the festive table chocolate candies with nuts and various muffins with candied fruits.

In general, be generous and don’t be lazy in cooking. We all remember that the Pig is an omnivorous animal, and therefore full abundance of food and delicacies should reign on the table. Let it be simple, but tasty and varied!

By the way, to create a festive atmosphere even more, think also about the table decoration. It will be very important to arrange the table in yellow and gold tones, in the color of the coming year. Surely add on the table fruits of the same shade - bananas, lemons, apples, pears. And more, the vase with chocolate truffles wrapped in golden foil will look spectacular. To add comfort and complete the composition, put candles on the table. And, of course, any accessories and souvenirs in the form of pigs will only add charm to the overall atmosphere.