New Year's table 2019: what dishes to cook?

The New Year is coming - perhaps the most important holiday of the year, and therefore everyone always prepares for it in advance. You need to think about everything: where to celebrate, with whom to do it, what to dress, etc. And if you decide to celebrate the New Year at home, there will be hell to pay: you have to decorate the apartment, put the Christmas tree, and set the table...

By the way, about table setting. Did you know that in the East special attention is paid not only to clothes, general decor and gifts - table setting and dishes that will be served are also carefully thought out, down to the smallest detail. And all because eastern people believe that they should be thankful and worthily take leave of the hostess or host of last year, while the patron of the future year should be met with all honors and respect. It is believed that if you please the totem animal of the coming year, it will surely help you in various spheres of life and give you all the goods that you need. That's why we decided to find out all the wisdom of the Eastern world, and also to share with you what to set on table on this New Year's Eve.

Who will be the symbol of 2019?

So, the Yellow Earthen Dog will also be replaced by also the Yellow and Earthen, but by the Pig. By its nature, a pig is a peace-loving, fair and leisurely animal, and also loves children very much. At the same time, she is distinguished by a special fearlessness, adventurism and cheerful disposition. That is why it is considered that in the Year of Pig, luck will be especially favorable to lovers of risk and excitement. By the way, the Year of the Pig is the twelfth year that completes the whole cycle, and therefore it should be celebrated with a special scale.

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