Hangover cures: myths vs reality

“If it is too bad in the morning, it means it was too good in the evening” - probably, this saying is very well known to all, as well as a condition, in fact. Usually, waking up with a terrible feeling of hangover, everyone starts to swear not to drink anymore, or at least to drink less. But here is this long-awaited Friday evening, and after it promising weekends. And how can you not break away? But what to do with a hangover then? And what is really work? We tried to get to the truth and are ready to combat the myth about the “best ways of fighting a hangover” and tell you what is really happening and what will really help.

Myth number 1. You need to drink alcohol with water

In the view of scientists, it is acetaldehyde’s fault that we feel bad in the morning. Acetaldehyde is a toxic product resulting from the processing of alcohol by the liver. Anyway, the water that you drank beforehand has absolutely no effect on the process or the amount of its formation, and you will feel better only after the carcinogen is completely out of the body. But in this case, a lot of fluids will help you very much. Therefore, water, tea and juice would hit the spot in the hangover morning and will help not only to cope with dehydration of the body, but also to remove harmful substances from it.

Myth number 2. You need a good snack

An abundance of snacks will help alcohol to absorb more slowly, and this will prevent you from getting drunk quickly. But, unfortunately, it will not help to ease your condition in the morning. But a good breakfast helps to restore nutrients in the body and has a beneficial effect on your overall well-being, helping to cope with the consequences of swell party faster. And if the mere sight of food makes you nauseous, try to drink chicken broth - believe, life will definitely begin to improve.

Myth number 3. Do not reduce the degree of alcohol

In fact, the consistency of the use of drinks, does not really change the result, especially if it was drunk and a lot. Increasing the degree does not save from hangover, but “not mixing” and a moderate amount of alcohol consumed can even prevent terrible consequences.

Myth number 4. "I need hair of the dog!"

Usually, that's the phrase that we hear from our friend, who have a better morning. And many, indeed, believe that it works. In fact, the new dose affects the body as an analgesic, and therefore it may seem like the problem has been solved. However, this method has only a short-term effect and very quickly a terrible state of health can return, and the body will have to cope with the processing of a new portion of alcohol in addition. It is better, if possible, to prepare yourself an infusion based on one of the Chinese recipes, the main ingredients of which are tangerine, ginger root and brown sugar - this will obviously help you recover faster.

By the way, scientists have found that if something can affect the intensity of the hangover, in addition to the amount of drunk, it is the color of alcohol. The thing is, the darker drinks contain more congeners - substances that enhance the toxic effects of alcohol. So, we would recommend you to drink very carefully dark beer, cognac and bourbon.

And what methods of “returning life” do you know? Do you often have hard hangover? What has helped to recover after the wild long party?