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Expensive purchases that can actually help you save money

Induction stove

This newfangled device is at least 2 times more expensive than the electric version from the same manufacturer. But induction stoves have a very high efficiency. According to the test results, an induction stove spends 84% of its energy on heating of food, while for an electric one this indicator is at a level of - 70%, and for a gas one - only 40%. It means that the food is cooked much faster, so the consumption of energy decreases. Moreover, the principle of work of such stove is that it does not work unless you put a dish of proper size on it. So, even if you remove the pot, but forget to turn off your "miracle of technology", it will suspend the work, and, accordingly, will not consume the electricity in vain. And of course, one of the most important and indisputable advantages is that the use of such stove practically eliminates the risks of getting burns.

LED light bulbs

Many have not appreciated the benefits of these lamps, simply because they do not even dare to try it in everyday life. On the one hand, this is understandable, because often the LED lamp costs 8 times more than a normal incandescent bulb. But what do you say upon learning that LED bulb consumes 10 times less electricity, and at the same time serve up to 20 times longer than a normal incandescent bulb? It seems to us that savings are obvious.

And what profitable acquisitions have you ever made? How quickly have you convinced of the correctness of his decision?