Enrique Iglesias played a whale and 4 Hollywood strictest celebrity dads

Celebrity parents, like any other, sometimes do crazy and funny things for their children.

Not long ago, the Spanish sex symbol Enrique Iglesias has shared a touching video in a social network. In this video the singer enjoys light hearted pool time with half-year-old daughter Lucy, and tries to portray the whale. It seems that the little girl likes this trick, because she was laughing all the time.

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Публикация от Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias)

We would like to remind you that Enrique Iglesias and his wife Anna Kournikova long kept secret about pregnancy. Therefore, the news about the birth of their children in December 2017, has surprised and shocked.

But not all famous dads feel it necessary to amuse and pamper their children. In the continuation of this article, we want to tell about Hollywood stars who raise their children in rigor and exactingness.

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