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20 Christmas table decorations for joyful holiday dinner

8. Wreath on a window

Make the window sill look like a fireplace, decorated it with greenery, candles and pinecones. Hang a rustic wreath up top for the finishing touch.

9. Christmas napkins

Want to know how turn a napkin into a triangle? Follow the instructions on the video.

10. Wreath chandelier

Using a hook and ribbon, suspend a wreath of greenery above the table. Like the look, but have a permanent light fixture? Spread the pine around the frame and secure it with ribbon.

11. Fancy plates

Put fine china or one gilded salad plate atop the set to make each place setting feel special. Sprigs of greenery and flowers is a basic option that is easy to do with your own hands.

12. Main woodsy decoration

This decoration is very easy to do: fill the glass container with unpeeled nuts, artificial cranberries, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried citrus. It will look especially good in the center of the table on a polished wooden slice.

13. Snowflake on the napkin ring

On top of a knit tablecloth, holiday favorites like pine cones and flowers look a little less traditional. Decorate each place with a napkin with a snowflake.

14. Decorated chairs

Mini wreaths tied to the back of the chair with a red ribbon will make every person at the table feel like honored guest.

15. Personalized place

Some greenery is all you need to decorate the place. After making cards with guests’ names with cut cardboard, secure them to a circle of leaves.

16. Piles of gifts

Not all gifts should be under the tree. Place your most beautiful wrapping paper on the dining table, replace pink with red for extravagance. Add homemade ornaments in in coordinating colors.

17. From the garden to the table

Black and gray look unexpectedly festive with lots of rustic details such as wrapped succulents, flickering candles and bowls of walnuts. Keep it casual by replacing formal glasses with cozy coffee mugs.

18. Edible name card holders

Thanks to a pearl-topped pin, ripe pears serve as edible holders name cards holders. Pears are also combined with greenery and tiny ornaments in the central area of the table.

19. Winter's Tale

Celebrate Christmas, despite of the weather.

Use tiny gingerbread houses, monochrome flowers and even miniature marshmallows to visualize the snow-dusted scene.

20. Unusual fruits

Artificial grapes, limes and pears dusted with glitter look plucked from the ice garden and will last for years. To make them, apply a mixture of three pieces of white glitter and one part of silver glitter on the fruit with the help of spray adhesive.