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The man who tried all popular diets, tells what works and what should be avoided in them.

One man tried all popular diets, and now he knows what works and what doesn't.

The Dukan, the South Beach, the Paleo and the 5:2 - these are just a small selection of some of the most popular diets available. In an effort to lose and keep it off - Marco Holst has turned to intermittent fasting, low-carb, restricting calories, water fasts, vegan, Atkins and warrior-diets.

So what did he find out? What diets are healthy, effective and sustainable? And what should be avoided?

The bad news is that, according to Marco, 95 % of diets will fail within a year. This is more due to the fact that they are not sustainable for a long time and are not as effective. The reason is that many diets are so far from what you usually eat, and after a certain period of time you return to old habits.

Marco, who has studied medicine and health care, explained: “Because we all define diet as something limited in terms of time. We are on a diet for a month, two or even three. But it will not help you lose weight if you return to your old habits.”

Keep in mind one important thing, which is that one perfect diet does not exist, but there is only one that works for you. Marco advises to avoid “drinking your calories,” that is, with alcohol and fruit juices, which can be very high in calories.

When it comes to exercise, he says: “Also, the best trick in my book: always practice with someone. I found 3 friends with whom I go to the gym and boxing together. The sudden lack of motivation, because now the weather is bad, or you just do not feel awake, or something else, is no longer the reason, because someone else brings you to justice.”

Apart from booze, he says to avoid refined sugar.

"I quit it for three months, and the tiredness and my cravings disappeared! The first 3 weeks are horrible, but afterwards, you feel like someone lifted literal weight of your shoulders. You will reap what you sow. Stop looking for magical weapons or something like that and just clear your diet. If you eat like a pig, then you will look like a pig. This is a simple but tricky change in thinking.