Instagram broadcasts: 5 accounts of good nutrition

Forget about buckwheat and chicken breast, it's long gone. Now the topic of proper nutrition is so popular that it is gaining momentum with the trends and technologies. Now you do not need to turn over the cookbooks in search of good food or ask the standard and boring recipes of thin girlfriends.

Every day, and in a fanatical case, every hour the girls plow through the expanses of instagram in search of interesting information, inspiration, ideas, news and discrediting. So why not use this resource as a guide to a healthy lifestyle?

By subscribing to at least one of these accounts, you risk making your life tastier and healthier.

How do you like this pizza? This account is the meeting point for avid fans of exotic and healthy avocados, and everything that's eaten with it. Sarah @thedelicious does not cease to surprise subscribers with its art creations, where the main ingredient is avocado.