Should I worry about papilloma?

Skin papilloma treatment

Doctors can treat skin warts using the following methods:

  • cauterization, which includes burning tissue, and then scraping it using curettage
  • excision, in which the doctor surgically removes the papilloma
  • laser surgery, a procedure that destroys a wart using high-energy laser light
  • cryotherapy or tissue freezing
  • applying liquid nitrogen to warts or introducing them into the papilloma

Preparations applied to papilloma tissue on the skin are also used to destroy warts. Examples include:

  • 5-fluorouracil
  • cantharidin
  • Imiquimod

Doctors may prescribe others, depending on the type of wart.

What can I do to stop a papilloma becoming cancerous?

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to deal with any infection.