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Different types of body fat: place of accumulation, causes and how to get rid of it

Trying to lose weight, we often fail to achieve the desired result, even after a balanced diet and grueling workouts. It would seem, what's the problem, because the basic recommendations have been implemented? But, in fact, fat is a very insidious substance, and not only because it is not easy to get rid of it, but also because the reasons for its accumulation not always obvious. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed list of places on the body where fat is most often accumulated, as well as the reasons for its appearance and tips on how to get rid of it directly in this place.

1) Full upper body fat (back, chest, abdomen)

The main reason for its accumulation is that you consume more calories than you burn.

What to do?

Do aerobic exercise, walk, run or swim at least 30 minutes every day. And also exclude sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks from your diet.

2) Lower abdomen fat

Oddly enough, the main reason is that you are constantly under stress, suffering from depression or anxiety.

What to do?

Try to avoid stressful situations and learn to relax. You can do yoga and meditation, do breathing exercises. Also, drink green tea - it helps to calm down.

3) Lower body fat (abdomen, buttocks, legs)

Most likely, you consume too much gluten.

What to do?

Walk up hills and stairs as often as possible. It contributes not only to burning fat, but also helps to tighten the muscles of the legs. Try to eliminate foods that contain gluten from your diet. And do not skip breakfast! Therefore, if earlier breakfast was foreign to you, now it should be the main rule.

4) Swollen stomach

The most common reason is that you drink too much alcohol.

What to do?

The answer is obvious: to cut down alcohol use. Remember that most of its calories end up becoming belly fat, which is quite difficult to burn. And also, overestimate your daily ration: try to reduce portions, but eat more often - this approach will help to improve metabolism.

5) Lower body fat (buttocks, legs, lower legs)

Usually, this problem is common for pregnant women or for people who have leg vein problems.

What to do?

Stop eating salty foods to reduce water retention in the body. Plus, you can periodically lie with your feet elevated so that the fluid does not accumulate in your lower legs.

6) Large stomach with upper back fat

The main reason is that you definitely have inactive way of life.

What to do?

Get enough sleep, because healthy sleep plays a big role in the normalization of hormone levels in the body, and also helps to reduce appetite. Eat more food that is rich with fiber. And, of course, start moving more!

Well, now are you ready to fight fat on all fronts?