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Beauty in 10 minutes: TOP life hacks for emergency cases

The situation when you overslept, but you need to be fresh and beautiful at work, familiar to every girl. Or you have an important meeting, but in the morning you found a suddenly appeared pimple in the most visible place. Or do not have time to wash your hair, but to go out with dirty hair is not an option. So, we found the TOP 3 beauty hacks that will help solve any of the above problems in a matter of minutes.

When you need to hide an unexpectedly popping pimple

A case that occurred 100% of the time: every girl at least once in her life woke up with a suddenly appeared acne. And, often, due to some kind of universal conspiracy, this happens just before a serious presentation, business meeting, a date or any other important event. No, surely, it couldn’t have happened in an ordinary day! And as many know and managed to make sure, that to squeeze a pimple is not the best idea. Firstly, because the inflammation only gets bigger and heals much longer afterwards. And secondly, it is not recommended to paint a pimple with any tonal tool immediately after it is squeezed out, because it can damage the skin, cause an infection, etc. But not to go with acne, right? So, here's a step by step guide on how to make a pimple almost invisible in just a few minutes:

- Apply on a cotton pad a few drops for the eyes and place it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. After that, attach the cooled disk to the pimple and hold for 1-2 minutes. This will help remove swelling and redness;

- Then you can apply your usual care products and foundation (preferably with a thin layer);

- Pointwise paint over the spot of the pimple with the concealer, feathering the borders with a fluffy brush;

- Apply a little powder on the pimple so that the concealer stays in place all day, and also apply a thin layer of powder on your face to align the skin texture and the area where the pimple is.

All this will take you 10 minutes maximum, but the result will be amazing! And besides, this method is much safer than squeezing.

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