6 Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

With the beginning of the summer period, you can often encounter annoying mosquitoes.

It would seem that the usual bite, but it can be very dangerous - to cause an allergic reaction, to the disease and carry the infection. If you want a mosquito bite didn't bring major trouble, we recommend using the following methods of bites.

Tincture of calendula

After the bite, the first thing you need to remove the itch. It is easier to treat the wound with calendula tincture.


To relieve itching with soda, you need to mix it with water, apply it to a bandage or gauze and attach to the bite site or simply lubricate the affected areas with this mixture.


You can attach the usual ice to the bite. It will act as a local anesthetic.


This is a natural antibiotic that heals well wounds from combed insect bites.


Basil is another plant that can help fight mosquitoes. Make a tincture of basil and apply to the site of the bite.


Peppermint can not only scare off mosquitoes, but also remove the effects of the bite, if you have already suffered from an annoying insect. It is necessary to wipe the swelling of the bite with crumpled mint leaves.