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The main color of 2020: most popular color of the year of the Metal Rat

How to celebrate New Year 2020: the happy colors of the Year of the White Rat

How to celebrate New Year 2020

So, what colors for New Year 2020, according to astrology, are most relevant and preferred? After all, the location of the symbol of the coming year, its support for all 12 months, prosperit largely depend on the chosen color.

The rat, according to the eastern horoscope, is a wise, insightful, unpretentious sign and able to adapt to any conditions. Therefore, the Rat will not present strict requirements for the selection of attire for the meeting of the new year 2020. Most importantly, try to keep your outfit new - after all, the Rat begins a new 12-year cycle, which means that updates will affect many areas, including outfits. And your New Year's image should be easy, practical and extraordinary.

Fashionistas and beauties who want to show off their beautiful and stylish outfits on New Year's Eve, of course, will give preference to white color, since it is he - the color of the upcoming symbol of the year. White suits and dresses always look luxurious and impeccable, this color is fraught with tenderness, lightness and at the same time solemnity, strength and inspiration.

But if you find it pure, virgin and snow-white boring for the meeting in 2020, you can safely choose outfits of other colors of the metal element, as well as combine them with basic white. And do not forget about the obligatory metal accessories and precious silver and gold jewelry.

The most suitable colors of the New Year 2020 - the year of the White Metal Rat:

-all metallic shades, including silver and golden;

-light, calm, neutral, pastel colors, milk, coffee, ivory;

-various shades of gray - from light to dark and black;

-combinations of white with calm green, blue, and blue are also possible, which emphasize the purity of the base color.