New Year and Feng Shui

Without symbols and conventions, we are simply nowhere. And no matter how you call us superstitious - we still believe. We believe that you can’t look at broken mirrors and that a champagne cork that hasn’t slammed in time ... in general, will be tight this year. Yes, that’s the way it is, probably, we partly program our own perspective.

So, about the prospect. If we consider traditions and beliefs, we celebrated the youngest holiday in the calendar. And this is not serious, what kind of spirits and dreams have come true, if we are talking only about changing numbers on the calendar? Therefore, if something did not work out for you, your friends failed or the dress was of the wrong color, do not worry. There was no New Year yet! Most of the inhabitants of the planet will celebrate the New Year on February 18th. I can speak with confidence about the majority, because among them will be all Chinese.

So, in accordance with the ancient traditions of the peoples of Central and East Asia, the New Year comes along with the first new moon, bringing everything closer to spring. The time calculation according to the lunar calendar, based on the alternation of the lunar phases, does not coincide with the modern generally accepted calendar, calculated for the period of the annual revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Therefore, New Year's Day according to the lunar calendar falls on the time from January 21 to February 20 according to the solar calendar.

For example, among pastoralists and nomads, this period has always been associated with the completion of the annual business cycle, when the harsh winter time has passed, warming begins and with it the awakening of nature from hibernation. This time is associated with the massive intake of offspring in cattle, the beginning of the abundance of dairy food. Here it is, one of the versions of the name of the New Year holiday - Sagaalgan (Tib. Tsagaalgan) - White Month. Milky month. It is on such holidays that one can marvel at the variety of treats made from milk - from cakes and rolls to first and second courses. And, of course, dairy food is a symbol of great respect when offered to deities on the altar or in the temple.

On how to celebrate Lunar New Year correctly, you can find a lot of interesting things. There are a variety of traditions and rules. Two of the most important are among them: if you want noise and fun, go to Thailand or China. If with a soul in every sense of the word - to Lhasa.

But seriously, you have a great opportunity to unite relatives and friends who are tired of the holidays and the subsequent lack of money. First of all, by February 18th, in the end, clean your house from unnecessary things, and on the mezzanines too! And do not forget about the balcony, nothing, dress warmly .... Moreover, all that dusty trash that you collect, it is necessary not to take out to the garage or to the cottage, but simply put it carefully at the garbage containers. There will be a holiday and someone else. And in your house that very flow of life will finally begin to roam, soaring higher and faster.

Further. Wipe all the mirrors, clean the corners and upper floors of the home skyscraper from dust. And may your house shine with cleanliness by February 17th!

And now - the main thing. Two tips to make you happy and lucky. Just don’t tell anyone, this is a terrible secret, because ... comes true. (There would be an emoticon to depict such a cunning.) First: find among the children's toys or souvenirs in the sideboard figures of a dragon, a turtle and a phoenix bird. If among households there are those who were born in the year of the Tiger, you will also need a tiger figure. Place the figures in places of honor: the dragon on the east side of the house, the bird on the south, and the turtle on the north, in accordance with the symbolism of the cardinal points. This tradition is very popular in the countries of Central and East Asia: the dragon (east) is a symbol of happiness, the tortoise - wisdom and prosperity, the phoenix bird - longevity and health, and the tiger - safety and strength. These symbols will attract to your home all of the listed types of well-being, in addition, if your home is not right in terms of “Winds and Streams” (“Feng Shui”), you have the opportunity to correct the shortcomings of architects and builders on New Year's Eve .