Festive rituals and customs for the year of the Rat

Ahead of the new year, the hostess of which will be the White Metal Rat. There are various signs, the observance of which promises success in business and harmony in general.

The rat hates unpredictability, so in 2020 it is necessary to learn how to plan and develop a strategy. Say "yes" to foresight and discard unjustified risks. If you have things that you did not have time to finish in 2019, then then rather do it, and, most importantly, repay all debts. It is not recommended to go with such problem in the New Year. Properly clean the corners in the house, clean and tidy all things. Then the Rat will bring prosperity and pleasant guests to the house.

You need to make peace with everyone with whom you are in a quarrel. Enter the new year without old insults and minor conflicts. Do not think that you are humiliated by asking forgiveness first. The rat is deprived of a sense of self-humiliation, it looks at life easier. On New Year's Eve, lay a white tablecloth on the table. This color is a symbol of the new year, which embodies purity. Throwing away an old broom is driving out old problems from home. You can burn it, condemning "the old broom the old rubbish, out of the hut, out of the soul."

Be sure to discard the garbage formed during the preparation of the festive dishes before the new year, the bin should be empty!

Repair everything that you put off for later. In the house, everything should function and be in good working order.