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The most original festivals and celebrations of the world

Many people in the world do not imagine their lives without traveling.

Some go on a journey to better know the world, to get acquainted with other cultures and customs, to make new acquaintances. Somebody, just to relax, gain strength and feel a surge of energy. Still others - to have fun, get a surge of emotions, fill life with unforgettable moments and bright colors.

Without a doubt, everyone is chasing after something unusual and special. That is why we have prepared a survey of 5 crazy and unusual festivals and celebrations in the world.

Highline Meeting Festival

Where: the Monte Piana, Province of Tyrol, Northern Italy

When: annually, in September (dates may vary)

The Italian festival in the mountains is a place for real extreme and height lovers. Since 2011, risk lovers have come to the Italian Alps to slackline at a height of 20 - 350 meters, lie in hammocks, and also practice yoga and play unusual musical instruments. The festival is also open for those who are not good for height: in the mountains, they pitch a tent camp where you can attend yoga classes and master classes.

Festival of flour and eggs

Where: Ibi, Spain

When: every year on December 28

This festival has been held for more than 200 years.

On this day, one group of men occupies the city and invent ridiculous laws and fines for the citizens. Another group tries to resist this. All the money collected from fines goes to charity.

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