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"Non-existent floor". What the secret level of the Pyongyang hotel is hiding

Maybe someone remembers the notable case in 2015. Then a student from America took a poster from the Yanggakdo Hotel (from the 5th floor). It was during his tour to Pyongyang. He was arrested and put into prison for 15 years. In custody the student got sick and fell into a coma. But after a while, his young body became very weak and the student died.

Let's lift the veil of secrecy and try to figure out details about this hotel.

Yanggakdo Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Pyongyang. It has 47 floors. The hotel is located on Yanggak Island in the river Taedong. This, perhaps, is the only hotel that receives many tourists, especially from America.

There is no fifth-floor button on the elevator. You can get to the desired destination only via the stairwell. Stairwell of the 4-th floor is blocked so it is possible to get there only from the 6th floor. And here is the 5th floor...

There are a lot of posters: "Bombs are produced in America. Any product from America is our enemy. You should to revenge to Americans a hundred thousand times amplified." The 5th floor leads to another inner floor with security. In one of the rooms - surveillance cameras, which shoot video from rooms and hall. So that's probably how the student was caught. He was spotted on surveillance with unfortunate poster.

After this incident, tour operators strongly warn and give out a memo in which one of the points is: " it is strictly prohibited to visit the 5th floor of the Yanggakdo Hotel."

Before your trip to a foreign country, you should learn the rules of staying in it. So your vacation will not be spoiled by the unpleasant situations.