Halloween costume ideas

The celebration of Halloween is coming soon, and therefore we decided to prepare for you the most popular images of all times and places, as well as what you may need to recreate them at home. Corpse Bride, goddess Santa Muerte, or Harley Quinn - it's up to you to decide who you want to be this year.


Perhaps one of the most traditional, but at the same time uncomplicated images. To create this image, you need black clothes, black eyeshadow, black lipstick and use a little imagination. Oh, and, of course, you need to decide: will your witch look like a terrible, grumpy and angry old woman, or not less horrible, but an insidious seductress? By the way, in any case, a broom, a pointed hat, and a cloak in the form of a mantle will always help you to emphasize the image.


To create a mummy, you need liquid latex (you may use PVA glue instead), paper napkins, a few meters of bandage and appropriate cosmetics that will help to diversify the image. Also, if you want maximally transform into mummy, you need to find some bright clothes and wrap some bandage over them, or you can even create a full-fledged costume using sheets or white cloth to wrap.

Santa Muerte

The Mexican embodiment of the goddess of death, which had become the symbol of All Saints' Day, and many fashionistas around the world began to use her beautiful image. Her make-up is called “sugar skull”, and, most likely, comes from the word “sweet” in the meaning “nice, cute.”

So, in order to transform into this beauty, you need dressy bright clothes, flowers, cosmetics and sleight of hand, in order to convey the look as brightly as possible. Surely, you have often seen stunning coloring faces in this style, so you just have to get creative - and go! Also, to be more effective, you can not only decorate clothes with flowers, but also scare up a chic big wreath of red roses.

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