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Actors who risked their health and even their lives for a role

To star in Hollywood films is probably the dream of every actor. But Hollywood is not only fame, wealth and recognition, as many believe. Hollywood is also hellish work, irregular schedules and participation in risky projects. Moreover, if you really want to succeed, you should be ready for a lot of things, at least, to sacrifice your appearance. And it’s good if it’s only about changing the hairstyle - sometimes an actor needs to be transformed beyond recognition, if he really wants to get a great role. And sometimes they should risk their health and even life. So, now we will tell about those famous actors who had made such sacrifices.

Ashton Kutcher. Few people know that the filming of the movie “Jobs” ended for the actor with serious problems and treatment of the pancreas. The thing is that, preparing for the role, Kutcher decided to try the fruit diet, which young Steve Jobs once used. It turned out that these diets are not suitable for everyone.

Robert De Niro. Filming in the movie “Raging Bull” brought to De Niro not only an Oscar, but also huge health problems. It’s not only that he should have to train in the ring for a year and take part in more than 1000 matches, but also to risked his own life. After all, performing a role of a boxer at the dawn of a career, the actor needed to get fatter for about 27 kilograms, which led to the development of his heart problems. People says, that Martin Scorsese even had to pause the filming for some time because De Niro had a heart attack.

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