15 fun outdoor winter games and activities for kids

Walking in fresh air is very important for children at any time of the year. But what if children do not want to go out on cold winter days? There is a solution! You may offer them active and fun winter games.

This article contains the most fun and interesting winter games for kids. With these perky winter activities children will have fun and play with snow for hours.

1. Frozen critters

Build an animal out of snow (for example, a caterpillar) and embellish it with whatever is in hand (with sticks, pine cones, etc.).

2. Hoop

Take a few hula hoops and organize a contest. The one who lasts the longest, wins. And it will not be so easy, taking into account that you have a lot of clothes on.

3. Bird feeder

Cut the orange in half. Remove orange flesh from one of the halves. Fill it with grain, seeds or crumbs and hang it on a tree to feed your feathered friends.

4. Ice generator

Take soap bubbles and do an interesting experiment. Blow bubbles and watch them freeze (approximately within two minutes at a temperature from -6 to -9 degrees C) and burst (approximately in 15-20 minutes).

5. Snow painting

Tint water with food colouring and pour it into the sprayer to decorate the white canvas in the park.

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