Victoria Beckham Drinks 'Full Moon Water'

The star shared a photo on her Instagram Stories of Mondquelle during her weeklong trip to the Lanserhof Tegernsee.

Victoria got a detox and an organism rejuvenation program. As local specialists explained to her, they collect water during a full moon from an artesian spring at the Leonhardspfunzen resort in the Bavarian commune of Stefanskirchen. Bottled and discharged to patients.

It is believed that the "fashionable" water has properties that heal and restore the body's energy level, contributes to detoxification and the prevention of weight gain.

The brand St. Leonhards Quellen releases water, charged not only by moonlight, but by the spring sun and pure light. The first, as we learned from Victoria, helps cleanse the body and calm the nerves. It is worth a liter of such water about three and a half euros.

However, doctors are more categorical: they believe that the differences between “lunar” water and usual water are very doubtful.