Sensational TV series Chernobyl HBO

"The whole truth you will never know": the liquidator about Chernobyl.

More recently, all 5 episodes of the trend series on Chernobyl from HBO were released. If you have not had time to look - we advise you to do this, you will not remain indifferent for sure. The creators of “Chernobyl” worked with documents, consulted with experts and participants of those events, but perhaps it is not worth studying the history of the Chernobyl tragedy.

Chernobyl "divers" survived!

In the series, they portrayed as people who went to certain death and left for at least a week to live. However, all three remained alive after the assignment. The shift supervisor Boris Baranov died only 19 years later - in 2005, senior engineer Alexei Ananenko is currently retired, and middle-level engineer Valery Bespalov works as a dispatcher on duty at the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate.

Despite this, the media continues to "bury" Chernobyl divers.

Helicopter falling into the reactor

A scene is shown where the Mi-8 helicopter falls into the reactor on April 27, 1986. In fact, the accident happened in the fall of 1986. The pilot did not see the cable that was coming from the construction crane against the sun, the helicopter caught him with blades and collapsed on the roof of the engine room of the fourth power unit.

Naked miners

It was very hot, the miners worked in white suits: station hats, jackets and pants. Perhaps someone unbuttoned his jacket, but no one worked naked.

Uliana Khomyuk in reality was not

She is a fictional character, a collective image of all the scientists who participated in the liquidation assistance.

Despite the fact that in the HBO Chernobyl series you can find many inconsistencies with real events and artistic fiction, it’s still worth watching. The series told people around the world about the heroism of the liquidators, provoked great interest in the subject of Chernobyl.