Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Gives Birth to a Boy

LONDON — Prince Harry could barely contain himself. Facing a news camera to announce his son’s birth, he rubbed his hands together, bounced on the balls of his feet and seemed unable to stop himself from grinning, even for a second.

“It’s been the most amazing experience I can ever possibly imagine,” he said, standing in front of the stables at Windsor Castle, where two black horses nodded behind him.

“How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, and we’re both absolutely thrilled,” he said about his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. The duchess, he said, was “amazing,” and the birth “amazing,” and the love and support from the public “amazing.” Then he turned to go, so addled with happiness and sleep deprivation that he appeared to thank the horses.

“This little thing is absolutely to die for, so I’m just over the moon,” he managed.

If much of the world was drawn into the child’s birth, a few minutes after dawn on Monday, it was not purely because of the newborn’s position, seventh in line to the British throne.