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Hollywood "Cinderella": 10 celebrities who grew up in poverty

We look with admiration at the famous Hollywood stars and silently jealous. They are successful and wealthy, they have everything they can only dream about. But how often do we think about how they achieved all this, and what childhood they had.

In this article, we want to talk about the most famous celebrities and their troubled childhood.

Halle Berry

Oscar-winning actress was not always swimming in luxury. Father left their family when the baby was only 4 years old. Halle's mother worked as a nurse and her earnings were barely enough to support two children. Most of the budget went to medicines, because Berry since childhood suffered from type 1 diabetes. In search of a better life, the girl moved to New York. She dreamed of being a movie actress and model. But the metropolis coldly accepted Hally - for a while the actress had to live in a shelter for homeless people.