Fear of pigs and paper: 8 unusual phobias that celebrities suffer

On the television screen, most of the stars look strong, confident and fearless. But are they the same courageous and fearless in their daily life? Absolutely not. Most celebrities suffer from fears and phobias more often than ordinary people. This is caused by busy schedule and constant nervous tension. Commonly stars try to hide their weaknesses. But we all know that nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest .

In this article, the strangest phobias and fears of the Hollywood celebrities are gathered.

Orlando Bloom - Swinophobia (fear of pigs)

The heartbreaker, Orlando Bloom, is horrified when looking at the pigs. It became known at the rehearsal of one of the movie scenes of "The Kingdom of Heaven". On the set from behind the fence ran a piglet, which led Orlando in shock. He screamed and ran off the set. Then the actor confessed that he can not look even on porkmeat and tries to avoid the places where it is sold.

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