The scenes for which the actors are ashamed

It seems that being an actor means always to take part in interesting projects, exciting shootings and cool roles. But often the actors also have to participate in dubious projects. Moreover, sometimes such projects turn out to be so ridiculous, stiff or flawed that later the actor dreams to forget his participation in it, sometimes even admitting that if he could turn back time, he would never have agreed to participate. And here are a few such facts.

Jennifer Lawrence and "Passengers"

The actress shared that the shooting of the bed scene in the movie "Passengers" was particularly exciting for her. And all because it was the first time when she was to be filmed naked, and the partner on the stage - Chris Pratt, was actually married, which aggravated the worries of the actress. Jennifer says that after she returned home, after the scene was filmed, the feeling of anxiety only intensified. She constantly thought about what she has done, because Chris was married. Lawrence still believes that this was the strangest thing that she had to do so far.

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