TOP improvisations that deserve an Oscar

It is no secret that very often the most astounding and memorable moments of a movie are improvisation of actors, but not what was written in the script. And here are some of the coolest of those that made the history of cinema.

Declaration of love in “Star Wars: Episode V”

According to the scenario, when Leia declared her love for Han, he had to reciprocate and say “I love you too”. But Harrison Ford decided that this phrase was too banal and boring - and that was how his famous “I know” appeared.

Real gun in “The Departed”

Jack Nicholson is famous for his improvisations, but the thing that he did on the set of the film “The Departed” still makes Martin Scorsese’s (the director of the movie) skin crawl, as well as, his scene partner Leonardo DiCaprio. The fact is that at the moment when Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) suddenly pointed the gun at Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio), the weapon was genuine, and moreover Nicholson carried secretly, without telling anyone. So the scene turned out more than naturalistic.

Story about a little flaw of his wife by Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting"

There is a scene in the film where the psychotherapist shares the fact that his late wife had one little flaw. She farted in her sleep, once having done so loudly that she woke both herself and the dog. And this whole thing was improvised by Robin Williams. That is why, in this scene, Matt Damon is really laughing. By the way, if you look closely, you can see that the camera is also shaking a little, because even the operator couldn't keep from laughing.

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