Scary stories from movies based on true events

And though the fantasy of Hollywood screenwriters can be envied, but often they get inspiration from very real stories. Moreover, this also applies to movies about the most perverted crimes and murders. It is getting quite spooky and blood is turning cold from realizing that these stories had really happened. But many of the movies we know are really based on real-life events. And here is a small list of some of them.

Scream-2 and The Gainesville Ripper

The movie is based on real events that shook the city of Gainesville (Florida) in August 1990. In one of the student's hostels maniac brutally murdered 5 students. Police could not catch the criminal for a long time because he turned out to be very cunning and slippery, which terrified the inhabitants of the city very much. After long searches, the police managed to get on the trail of the maniac and reveal who was behind the series of bloodthirsty murders. The captured criminal was an ordinary waiter - Danny Rolling, who, despite the established mental disorder, was sentenced to death.

Zodiac and the killer who wrote letters to the newspapers

Maniac named "Zodiac" is a hardly one of the most famous criminals in the United States, who committed 12 bloody murders at the time. And the worst thing is that it has not been possible to establish his identity so far. His peculiarity was that he did not just rape and kill his victims, but each time he sent letters to the newspapers, where he confessed to the crime, described the murder process in detail, and ridiculed the sluggish police because they could not catch him. The local authorities thought that the "Zodiac" was most likely a military man or a law enforcement officer, because he was perfectly aware of all the intricacies of the investigative process, which helped him to hide. The story of this criminal became the basis for the “Zodiac” movie.

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