Paul McCartney is dead, and Elizabeth II is a cannibal: insane conspiracy theories about the stars

Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain

The life of Cobain is an object of admiration and worship for millions of fans. Therefore, it is not strange that the circumstances of his death caused many questions.

Kurt took his own life in 1994 with a shotgun blast to the head. At least, many people think so.

A few years after the death of the artist, private detective Tom Grant stated that Courtney Love is implicated in the death of Kurt Cobain. In his opinion, it can be proved by the facts that:

- The detected amount of drugs in the blood at the time of death was too high. He could hardly hold the gun in his hands;

-it is very difficult to make a shot in the head from a gun, which was found on the place of death.

Few years later, the Grant's version came to the top again, when Eldon Hawke told, that Courtney Love offered him $ 50,000 for killing Kurt.

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