Legendary actors who have never won an Oscar

Jennifer Aniston

During her career, the actress has been awarded many awards and considered one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood for today. Even already managed to get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But for some reason Oscar was never awarded to her, although in addition to the role of Rachel from the TV series “Friends”, there are a lot of steep roles in her arsenal.

Brad Pitt

Ladies' man, who from year to year is called one of the most beautiful men on the planet and is considered one of the most talented actors, has not deserved an Oscar. Or rather, he has one, received in 2014, but not for his acting skills. He was awarded the award as one of the producers of the film “Twelve Monkeys”. Frankly, we are really surprised that neither “Fight Club”, or “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, nor “Moneyball”, has not produced treasured statuette to Pitt. And that is not to mention about “Seven”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Ocean's Eleven”, “Snatch” and many other equally cool films with his participation in the main roles.

Keira Knightley

The actress started making films from the age of 6 and has already taken part in modern cult films more than once, but being twice nominated, she has not won the Oscar. Although fans of the actress believe that the top has not yet been reached and she will definitely become the happy owner of a well-deserved award.

We also hope that in the near future these greatest actors will cease to be nominees and after all will be awarded the title of Oscar award winners, because of all people, they certainly deserve it!