It's never too late: 5 celebrities that have achieved worldwide success after 30

Watching the success of your favorite celebrities, it seems that this has always been this way. But in fact many of them have achieved worldwide success not since they were in diapers, but already in quite mature age. We have prepared a list of celebrities to which world fame came not at once.

1) Monica Bellucci

Early in her career, Monica was one of the most sought-after models and collaborated with major companies, was the face of Dolce & Gabbana. But the girl did not want to stop at the achieved successes, and decided to try herself as an actress, where at first she was not taken seriously. She became famous only when she was 29 years old after she has got the role in the movie "Dracula" by Francis Coppola. Only after that, Monica Bellucci started to get many offers from major projects, and achieved worldwide fame as an actress.

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