Failed advertising with celebrities

It would seem that advertising with the participation of a famous person is always the key to success. Stars are known by everyone, their recommendations are believed, their opinion is heeded. Agree, advertising of shampoo with the participation of Jennifer Lopez, for example, will definitely be more effective and rating than if there was filmed some unknown girl. However, sometimes it happens that advertising has the opposite effect and the campaign suffers a complete collapse, and this is precisely because of the participation of a certain star in it. We have found several such cases and are ready to tell you about them.

Kim Kardashian West and slimming sweets

In May 2018, Kim added another advertising post on her page on Instagram. This time she advised her followers to try “Flat Tummy” slimming sweets, which reduce the feelings of hunger. According to the terms of the promotion, the first 50 customers were promised a 15% discount. But instead of rushing to buy candies, thousands of subscribers pounced on the star with malicious comments, perplexing her with a number of questions, like whether she allowed such candy to her children, and is it not a shame for her to promote it at all? As a result, the post was removed, and the advertising campaign did not bring the expected result.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike sneakers

About 9 years ago, the Nike company, along with Ronaldo and a couple of famous football players presented to the public an advertisement for sneakers. The main idea of advertising was that, having shod Nike sneakers, the players manage to change the course of the game with each new movement. It's funny that later, Ronaldo played very badly at the then World Championship, showing very poor results, and some of the rest of the players involved in the advertising did not get to that championship at all. Awkwardly happened, right?

Helena Bonham Carter and Yardley cosmetics

For several years, the actress has successfully worked with the company of the production of cosmetics Yardley. And everything went perfectly until, one day in one of the interviews, Carter said that she never using cosmetics at all and, frankly, do not understand why it was she, who had been asked to become the face of this cosmetic brand. Naturally, after such a statement, the company with the scandal broke the contract with her.

Angelina Jolie and the brand St.John

Back in 2005, one brand St. John signed an agreement with the actress, have paid her a huge amount of money for participating in an advertising campaign. The brand was engaged in the production of not very expensive clothes and jewelry. And of course, attracting one of the most beautiful and influential women in the world to the promotion of their products, the company hoped for a stunning result. But, nothing good came of it, unfortunately. And as the executive director of that company later admitted, the main problem was that everyone was looking at Jolie, but not at all at what she advertised. Therefore, the advertising campaign did not bring the expected return.

So, the presence of a star in advertising is, of course, a winning bet, but, as you see, even this does not always guarantee the success of the project! Do you know any cases of failed advertising with celebrities?