Facts that can surprise even the most avid cinephiles

Paul McCartney played a role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

And again it is about greasepaint. It is unlikely that you would have guessed that the role of Uncle Jack in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” was played by former “Beatle”. And this is despite the fact that in the movie he even sang a song.

Toothless’s behavior in the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon” was copied from the movements of a cat that had scotch tape attached to its tail

In the cartoon, there is a moment when Toothless has lost a part of his tail and Hiccup made a prosthetic tail for him. The episode, when the boy put the mechanical part on the dragon for the first time and Toothless starts spinning, trying to get rid of the prosthesis, was copied from a video in which an irritated cat of one of the animators tries to get rid of the adhesive tape stuck to his tail.

“Dangerous Text” in the contract from “Black Mirror”

According to the plot of the 2nd episode in the 3rd season of the “Black Mirror” series, the main character is invited to test a new gaming technology, with which it is possible to examine the player’s brain and understand what fears he has. The hero has to sign a contract, to attend this test. Very attentive viewers have noticed that on the pages of this contract there is the following text: “If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto five people within a 28 day period”. Critics agreed that this episode of the series was indeed very intimidating, and this line in the contract has only emphasized the general atmosphere of fear.

So what do you think? Which movie facts impressed you the most? And do you know any interesting and little-known facts about your favorite movies?