Celebrities who managed to beat cancer

Hugh Jackman

In 2013, another actor stunned the world with the news about his diagnosis. During the examination, the doctor found that he had basal cell carcinoma on the nose, in simple words, skin cancer. Then at many events and photo shoots Jackman appeared, sticking his nose. However, the actor overcame the ailment and warned his fans to find the time and opportunity for timely checks, and also to use sunscreen.


And this singer has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. And she has beaten cancer twice. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Despite the incredible fear, the actress agreed to a surgical operation to partial removal of one of the mammary glands. And everything seemed to be fine. But barely 10 years later, in 2013, doctors found she had a malignancy. Having canceled all the concerts, Anastacia has engaged in a fight and, having undergone a second course of treatment, won again! All those who are also struck by this disease, the actress urges not to give up in any case and fight to the end. And, like her colleague Minogue, she founded a foundation which main mission is to educate young women in cancer detection and treatment.

Angelina Jolie

Unlike the others on our list, Jolie did not have cancer. But after the doctors have predicted 87% chance of cancer, she was determined to take preventive measures before it was too late. Thus, in 2013, she underwent a preventative double mastectomy and the risk of developing cancer decreased to 5%. A few years later, Angie she has revealed she had her ovaries removed as well. Having caused a mixed reaction of the public, the actress has repeatedly emphasized in her interviews that she has absolutely no regrets about performed operations, because this disease has taken lives from her mother, aunt and grandmother and she does not want her children to grow up without her.

In any case, these stars deserve great respect, because by their example have shown us what is a strength of spirit, sincere faith and willingness to fight for their lives to the end!