Actresses who made the decision to not have children

- Cameron Diaz. Diaz admits that not having a baby really made her life easier, but it was not an easy decision for her to make, as it might seem to someone. One of the main reasons why she does not want a child is her unwillingness to take responsibility for someone’s life. According to the actress, she loves to protect people, but she was never drawn to being a mother.

- Renee Zellweger. Renee says she does not need to have certain things to be happy, including kids. “I don’t need to have kids to be happy, seriously. Motherhood has never been an ambition for me”, Zellweger commented his decision in an interview.

- Marisa Tomei. Another actress who does not want to have kids at all. Moreover, as Tomei says, she does not understand why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings.

- Jennifer Aniston. And at the end of our list is everyone's favorite Aniston. The actress decided not to have children in the day. And had not changed her decision since then. She believes that women are capable of a huge variety of actions in the world, in addition to the birth of a child. And although, with her position, she does not in any way try to say that a child is not important, but still she calls to honour the choice of each woman. “Only you know what makes you happy”, says Jennifer. By the way, detractors said that one of the main reasons why they broke up with Brad Pitt was precisely Aniston’s reluctance to have children, what the actor wanted so much.

And what do you think about this? Do women have to give birth to a child? Or do you share the position of these beauties who decided to abandon the child?