Actresses who made the decision to not have children

People in Hollywood like to discuss all the decisions and statements of celebrities. So, a matter that some actresses deliberately decided not to have children has not gone unnoticed. Despite the fact that most people do not understand them, and yet there are those who support actresses in their choice. Now we will tell you about celebrities who decided not to have children.

- Sarah Paulson. The 43-year-old actress does not have kids, but earlier she has frozen her eggs, in case, if in the future she might want to have baby. According to the actress, she loves children, but since she considers herself too impulsive, she is afraid of having kids. “I was afraid that I would have children and then regret it!” - admitted actress.

- Helen Mirren. The actress is sure that she does not have a maternal instinct whatsoever and does not consider this to be something out of the ordinary. In her opinion, many women, in fact, do not want to become mothers, but they believe that they should.

- Kim Cattrall. It all began when the actress was filming in the TV series "Sex and the City". It was the period of her life when she realized that she is not ready to become mother. Due to the fact that work shifts lasted for 19 hours, she simply could not imagine how she would be able to combine pregnancy and work. Let us recall that that time the actress was already 40 years old, and therefore her concerns are completely understandable.

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