55 hours for love: 10 short-term marriages among Hollywood stars

During the wedding ceremony the newlyweds make vows to each other to be together until death do them part. But is it really so? It is known that Hollywood stars are famous for their inconstancy in relations. Some of them even set antirecords - having been married a few days or even hours.

In this article we have prepared a list of 10 Hollywood stars whose marriages lasted very short time.

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney - 4 months

Renee can boast of only one official marriage, and then very short. In 2005, Zellweger accepted proposal of marriage from country singer Kenny Chesney. Their marriage became a surprise for many people. A lavish wedding with a large number of guests took a place on the Virgin Islands. But after 4 months the marriage was canceled.

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